Fruit Brandies

What is a fruit brandy?

Fruit brandy is simply fruit juice fermented and distilled, with no other additives; flavored vodkas or fruit flavored liquors are not fruit brandies. Fruit brandies can be clear or light brown if aged in an oak barrel.

A clear spirit traditionally seen in Europe through products like eau de vie, schnapps, or obstler, they capture the essence of the fruit flavors, and can be enjoyed after dinner neat as a digestive or in cocktails.

Our Strawberry Brandy

Baton Rouge Distilling's Strawberry Brandy

Having access to a variety of great fruits grown locally here in Louisiana, it is no surprise that our first product is a strawberry brandy.

It starts with fermented strawberries

Baton Rouge Distilling uses wine made from Louisiana strawberries and produced in Tangipahoa Parish. The only ingredients are fruit, yeast, and water.

The strawberry wine is then distilled

The strawberry wine is heated up in the still, the alcohol vapors are condensed and collected as a clear distillate of 135 proof.

Only proof is adjusted - There are no additives

Filtered water is added to the distillate, bringing the proof down to 90. The spirit is then bottled.
Our brandy has a light, delicate strawberry flavor that you can enjoy by itself chilled or in cocktails.