Meet the Baton Rouge Distilling Team

Baton Rouge Distilling: Ricci and Natacha

A husband and wife operation, Baton Rouge Distilling started with a shared passion for craft cocktails. Through travels, and a desire to experience new drinks and flavors, Natacha and Ricci started meeting craft distillers. These meetings sparked a passion for creation, so in 2014, Ricci convinced Natacha to build and open Baton Rouge Distilling.

Our goal and hope is to craft unique spirits people will enjoy and share with friends the same way we do.

Ricci, Master Distiller

Ricci smelling the heartsRicci is an electrical engineer by trade and a car enthusiast. An aspiring entrepreneur, he started the distillery, building almost everything himself with the help of talented friends, and drafting specifications for our custom-designed still. Naturally curious of how things work, he’s been avidly studying the distillation process, always experimenting and improving our operation with every batch. All of our products are the results of his hard work and passion.

Natacha, Amateur Mixologist

Tales of the CocktailNatacha is a French transplant who enjoys cooking and mixing cocktails. She’s broadened Ricci’s food culture and is very excited to be part of the “distillery adventure”. She takes care of all marketing and will experiment in the bar and kitchen to find new ways to enjoy our spirits.

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